Serving Authentic “Home Cooked” Korean Dishes for Two Decades.

We began with a vision to share the dishes we loved so much growing up in our homes. We wanted to offer a taste of authentic Korean comfort food. The dishes which only our own mothers made best.

20 years later, to realize that we have been sharing meals with millions of New Yorkers from all over the World is a dream come true. It has been an amazing journey and your feedback and suggestions have been paramount. Thank you to all our loyal patrons for truly making it “our home”.

Our Promise to You

The quality of the food we serve will continue to be held to the same standards as the meals we cook for our families. Our dedication to freshness is more important than ever during these times. Your peace of mind is of utmost importance and we are with you, as always.


Fresh Ingredients

Only the best ingredients. No shortcuts. Impeccable kitchen and staff. If it’s not fresh, it won’t be in front of you. Everything coming from us to you is fresh.


Always Affordable

We’ve been reasonably priced without making any compromises to quality. We simply don’t like overpriced things. You can see the evidence all over our menu.


Our Customers First

We are still amazed at just how many genuine reviews we have online. We are so so grateful for our loyal following. You guys are the reason we can make your favorite dishes and keep them affordable. Thank you!


Your Feedback Matters

We ask for your suggestions and we take action. For a very long time we’ve been asking our customers what they like and we make sure to deliver! Pretty simple huh?