About Us

Woorijip, pronounced “Oo-Ree-Jip” means “Our Home”.


Since 2000, we’ve been serving homestyle Korean meals in the heart of Koreatown, Manhattan.

A Koreatown Favorite Since 2000

How It Works

With both grab-and-go and dine-in options available, we provide a Korean food experience that is convenient and authentic.


Simply browse our vast selection of prepared meals displayed throughout the restaurant, choose what you want, and pay at the counter.

Our Process

At Woorijip, we start each day the same way, from scratch, right here in our own kitchen.


Our vast menu is made continuously throughout the day to ensure the very best in quality and freshness.

A Message from our Owner/Chef

When I first started Woorijip, my vision was to share the food my kids loved so much growing up.  I wanted others to not only experience the taste of authentic Korean food, but also feel at home while enjoying it.


After more than two decades in operation and serving millions of New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world, we are grateful and overjoyed to have achieved that vision. 


Thank you to all our loyal customers for sharing in our journey over the years and for truly making this place “Our Home”.


– Heidi